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Gladieux Metals Recycling (GMR) provides environmentally friendly services to its refinery customers in North America as a leading true verified recycler of spent catalyst hazardous waste. GMR’s process delivers a sustainable alternative to landfilling and exporting of hazardous waste.

“Once our enhancements are completed, we will provide a first-rate Cradle-to-Grave recycling solution with end to end tracking”, said Gerardo Valdes, Vice President of Metal Sales and Catalyst Recycling Services.

About Gladieux Metals Recycling
GMR, one of the leaders of spent petroleum catalyst recycling, has been in business since 1946. The plant recovers molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, cobalt and various alumina products to be sold in chemical and metallurgical applications. This reclaiming process converts a hazardous waste into raw materials thereby reducing the need for mining, and conserving natural resources. GMR provides end to end tracking, providing a best-in-class Cradle-to-Grave solution for its customers, streamlining the reclamation process. GMR is committed to sustainable development and best practices in product stewardship.


Recycling Spent Catalyst

The Gladieux Metals Recycling Plant (GMR) is a specialized metals reclamation process designed to recover the highest yields and purities for molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, cobalt and alumina from spent refinery catalysts.

GMR’s metals reclamation process meets the highest standards for environmental compliance and stewardship regarding storage and handling of catalyst, air emissions, and water discharges. The petroleum refining industry is a key market for Gladieux Metals Recycling and our refining customers will have confidence that their catalysts will be recycled responsibly. Gladieux has an outstanding reputation in crude and refined product markets and we aim to extend this same level of quality as a presence in the metals reclamation industry.

GMR is committed to quality and service of our finished products for the chemical and metal alloy market and is currently making necessary improvements to produce a diverse product slate which can continuously adapt to changes in the market and customer demands, allowing GMR to be a global competitor in the metals and chemical industry.

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